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We are a support group for individuals conceived by rape or incest. We also provide support to women who have been pregnant by assault or are raising rape or incest conceived children.   For more information, please browse the links to the left, or email

Features of STIGMA for our members include:
  • Email Support Lists specifically for individuals conceived in rape and incest, and for women who have become pregnant or mothered a child conceived in rape or incest.
    We also maintain a mailing list for both sides who wish to communicate about the issues involved.

  • Chat Room
  • Optional contacts to obtain support
  • Information and general support
Additionally, many site visitors are supporting or want to support a loved one conceived by rape or incest. For these individuals, STIGMA offers an email list for general information or support.

Here are some quotes from actual Stigma members:

Upon learning the news of my conception, I was very much adrift on a sea of roiling emotions: primarily shock, anger and existential angst. Stigma was (and continues to be) a safe harbor in that maelstrom. A harbor where people who understand and share the same unique challenges of those directly affected by this issue can help heal one another and regain a sense of self, and normalcy. --Mike C.

Adult Children of Rape and Incest--
We come when we're hurting.
We listen and learn.
We find our own voice.
We support one another.
In this process over time,
Our pain diminishes.
--Mary, Oklahoma

Stigma has created an amazing community of support for all of us directly affected by rape/incest. For me personally, I came to stigma hoping to find the voice of the adult child conceived in rape, and discovered by surprise ... my own voice that had been waiting to be heard. I found a place where I could share freely about the joys and struggles of having a child conceived from rape, and a place where I could celebrate the gift of him without the shadow of secrets and judgment.

When my child found out she was rape conceived, she was in terrible pain. It gave me such anguish to witness it as her mother, and I was convinced that my darling girl was damaged for life and that, try as I might, there was little I could do or say to circumvent that. For three years I cried myself into a stupor every time I thought about it. Then I joined Stigma, and through the generosity of rape-conceived people in sharing with me, I found out that my daughter's knowledge of her conception is not a sentence to a lifetime of pain, and that my responses to her weren't useless but could actually help her heal - this was so important to know. . Every time I recommend Stigma, I tell people about the wisdom, acceptance and utter kindness they'll find here. I remember reflecting that joining Stigma was just about the most sensible choice I'd made in a long time, and will be thankful to this wonderful group for the rest of my life

As a mom with a child from rape, I came to Stigma searching for acceptance and reassurace that I can do this, that I can raise a happy healthy child, no matter the circumstances of her conception. I've learned alot and even though I still have my days, I'm glad I've found Stigma...more importantly, I'm glad I've not only found healing within myself, but that I'm able to share my story in hopes of helping someone else.

Stigma is a way to find the love and understanding we all seek and need. My son entered this world under traumatic circumstances, but I will forever be grateful he is here. Not everyone who goes thru 'hell' is handed an angel. We are all God's children and bonding together will give us strength.

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